seminars & workshops

Sylvia also offers workshops, designed to gain some basic astrology tools to use yourself in your daily life.

Knowing how to read the planetary influences can enrich your insights on a regular basis, assist with understanding the people we interact with, thereby improving relationships.

Seminars also aim to provide a guided understanding about upcoming astrological influences and how to best utilize them for decision making and increased confidence whilst reducing anxiety.

The workshops are fun, and it is exciting to find out more and more about ourselves and others, too.

other tools

Sylvia also co-facilitates regularly with other experts in selected fields. Please email Sylvia to obtain the upcoming seminar schedule.

  • Examples of the workshops that Sylvia has facilitated:
  • Learn the basics of Astrology with a hands-on, fun approach and take away tools to use in your daily life
  • Dream interpretation and using dream work effectively in the therapeutic landscape
  • Your Mayan name and identifying your soul purpose from analysing your astrology chart
  • Improve relationships with the art of understanding combined charts and the potential of your union
  • Understand current influences – a focus on Transits, Progressions, and Eclipses

Please contact Sylvia for availability and special requests.