relationship astrology

relationship charts  / family dynamics

This is an interactive session with the opportunity to ask questions (recording is recommended). You will also receive a written report.

There are broad possibilities in these sessions, for couples, families, or other groups.

Some of the areas we could look at:

  • Help identify and understand special patterns between children and parents
  • Understand the unique connection between you and your partner and the potential of your union
  • Current influences on the family or relationship entity as a whole and how to navigate in line with the desired goals and outcomes
  • 3 charts or more (example two parents, one child)
  • Relationship Astrology / Elective Astrology (understanding compatibility by looking at Partnership charts)
  • Forecasting to assist business or personal decision making,
  • Company charts and their employees which identifies the contribution they can make and how they integrate with the business

Session time ~ 1 hour for each chart– (Example 3 charts x 1h = 3 hours) $345 (cost includes chart preparation time)

A consultation is either face to face or via Skype / telephone. Please contact Sylvia to arrange  a suitable time.