Hello fellow cosmic travellers

This update on the celestial influences in the sky covers the period July until September 2017 where you can discover more about the current dynamics and influences for your sign. This information enables you to make the most of your opportunities and possibly avoid some pitfalls. We will look at the current constellations, which will take effect during 2017 as well as some of 2018.

The first part of the article describes the current line-ups in the sky, namely cosmic influences (below); they enable us to understand the atmosphere and opportunities arising from the dynamics at present. PLEASE NOTE – I describe these influences in detail due to the unique opportunities they offer during this year and hope that we can therefore make the most out of the alignments for our support.

The relevance to each sun sign is then detailed in the second part of the article to show the possible effects to your sun sign in particular.

Some said, 2017 was going to be another year of shock and unpredictability when looking at the planetary transits. The good news is that there are some really important dynamics available to us all now which can make a significant difference to our lives, the include:

  • Finding our centre of empowerment, often as a sudden revelation by re-connecting to our source of inspiration! Experiencing true love and enjoyment and aiming to express this to the world as the essence of who we are (Leo North Node / Uranus)
  • Realising limitations and changing what we want as we re-connect with who we really are (this can feel like finding a long lost friend within ourselves), sometimes by realising what does not feel right for us anymore. Identifying the time to break-free from limiting personal and social circumstances and waking up to the need to offload and regenerate a new security level and new comfort. This requires you to face truths and to find a way to take action (Pluto / Chiron / Saturn)!
  • The flash of authenticity (Uranus) is doing away with illusion and apathy coinciding with insight and revelation of the truth and a sense of deception falling away / seeing beyond the lies and pretence (Jupiter / Neptune). This experience opens our hearts and energises us in ways we have possibly forgotten to feel and it enables us to feel the change on the inner level first before we ignite and pulsate with the wave of change on the outside. As I describe this process, it becomes apparent that this Grand trine (under cosmic influence 1 below) is a sacred gift to us this year.
  • It enables us to make a major leap without the jolt of jumping too harshly. Instead we can find our courage to hold on to what we know is true and follow what is awakening in a purposeful manner.
  • We can take time to dismantle outworn structures and rebuild from a standpoint of awareness, compassion and sanity, rather than the craziness of crisis that change often brings about.
  • How? Just stay connected with how you authentically feel in your heart and watch the openings and opportunities that present as the next step.
  • With the start of 2017, we have emerged out of a time of planetary influences which could have led to hopelessness, lack of clarity and frustration. We thought we just had to succumb our patterns without alternatives. Since April 2017, we have gained a more solid understanding that there is another way of growth and progress. This may have fuelled us with more excitement and energy again. The good news is, THIS IS REAL! It is for us to have it now! It just takes a little explorative spirit, some courage and hanging on for the ride.


Cosmic Influence 1 – Grand fire trine Leo North Node, Saturn and Uranus – a level headed way of moving towards our calling

Key influence during May 2017 until November 2017

Many of us may have realised for some time that our thinking is changing, we are looking for more advanced solutions to our problems and we have had to face realisations about areas in our lives where we have simply evolved and needed to face truths. We are feeling an inner recalibration that we have become acutely aware of since April 2017. We are still seeking the appropriate outward expression of this change which is due to the Grand fire trine forming between the North Node, Saturn and Uranus imparting us with the gifts of insight, empowerment, resolution and most importantly measured but significant progress.

The North Node moving into Leo is calling each and every one of us to discard what holds us back and to find the area where we feel called to show true leadership and the inspiration to create a better future for many. Often this occurs by being a role model for a couple of individuals that we influence by being authentic and connected with our inspiration and love for life. This takes courage and shows who we truly are!

If you have been feeling this slowly emerging but powerful quantum leap of insight about your situation, you are not mistaken. Some of us have felt very tired when this first occurred in April as it took some adjustment for us to reshuffle ourselves in accordance to the new consciousness emerging. For those of us who have worked to face ourselves honestly with open hearts, we will now feel the empowerment to help pave the way and inspire many to do the same, just by following our authentic path. Think of it as new way of teaching others by example, which is deeply effective and fulfilling. Furthermore, it is refreshing after a phase of deception, misinformation and pretence in our own lives that is mirrored back to us by media and social dynamics.

Culturally, this influence has been a long time coming and it is likely to alter our culture in ways that we can already see indicated, ironically by individuals becoming more authenticated. Now enough of us are ready to think for ourselves in the midst of this current of collective awakening as Saturn in Saggittarius forms this beneficial aspect with the North Node in Leo, finally providing the optimism of expansion and leaving behind the Virgo / Pisces dynamic of trusting ourselves vs self-sacrifice.


Cosmic influence 2 – Eclipses in Leo / Aquarius (August 17) – pursuing our passion with authenticity and focused will-power

With the bi-annual eclipses having taken place on 11 (lunar eclipse) and 27 February (solar eclipse) and the upcoming eclipses on 8 August (lunar eclipse) and 22 August (solar eclipse), most of us are feeling a build up towards acting on long standing passions and ideas! The Solar Eclipse occurs conjunct the fixed star Regulus at 28 degrees Leo, the heart of the Lion constellation in the sky, literally coming to the heart of a matter.

This Eclipse in combination with the other cosmic influences described here will contribute to the insights and validations we have long been looking for. This could coincide with insightful moments and key situations that will provide us with the direction we need to implement the change current we have been sensing, in contrast to the big surprises eclipses can ordinarily bring.

Usually eclipses come with sudden incidents that happen around the eclipse dates as a signpost for the needed adjustment in the area of your chart where the eclipse falls. The August eclipses will be slightly different in character, you may feel them more deeply as in internal insight or (final) confirmation on a long-standing issue and you will feel more in control of the roll-out of this change as opposed to other eclipse activity. It will also feel like less of a surprise, more like a calm reassurance, an a-ha moment with regard to the question of how will this change really play out, a turn of events that will reveal the possibilities you have been contemplating or wishing for.

Please read your sign below to understand the area in your chart where this takes effect.

If the eclipse set from February 2017 has brought some positive changes and pleasant surprises, you will possibly get more clarifying information with regard to these changes.


Cosmic Influence 3 – T-square Jupiter / Pluto and Uranus – disarming any manipulation and trickery

The T-Square between Jupiter / Pluto and Uranus in the sky speaks of social change and revolutionizing systems that have been controlled too tightly to the point of being unnatural or processes that have spun out of control which need to be reined in by adding some purposeful measure.

It can give us the impulse to want to become more autonomous or join with a community, group or person that has similar values. Socially it can change the way we relate to love, as we are asking for authenticity and purposefulness.

Governments and other rule making institutions will need to renegotiate with social groups.  Suddenly we may see that structures have crumbled and there is a need to redefine some social constructs.


Cosmic Influence 4 – Saturn goes direct at 21 Sagittarius (27/08) – a pragmatic way to implement substantial change

From the earth’s perspective, Saturn like all other outer planets travels through the sky in a direct, retrograde and then direct again motion. It has the distinct advantage that it takes several months to make its way through our critical and sensitive points in our charts, giving us ample opportunity to receive the impulse (first direct contact), re-consider (retrograde motion) and then resolve and integrate (final direct contact), possibly that’s why people say “things come in threes”.

Anyone with planets around 26 degrees in the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn may have felt a shake up with Uranus leading to restlessness and the desire to escape. With Saturn hovering around this degree in 2017, it may result in a real option to do so, if you honour the gift that the Saturn deity will ask for which is hard work, patience, wise timing, persistence and a calm and collected approach. It’s the perfect way to compliment the quantum leap Uranus is asking for. These two energies of rigid (Saturn) and erratic (Uranus) blend together in 2017 forming an ideal opportunity for solid forward movement.  Combined with the Leo North Node elements of will power and our own confidence to create is available to us. We may find ourselves courageously paving the way for many to follow our lead. The universe is hereby opening a door for us that can be seen as quite a gift of consciousness and evolution for the ones who want to step through.


Cosmic Influence 5 – Mercury retrograde motion during Aug/Sept – good timing for extra diligence

Delays or difficulties may be our experience when Mercury goes retrograde as it reaches 11 degrees Virgo on 14 August. It will wander back to 28 degrees Leo and turn direct from 6 September. It could be a progressive and focused time for deep diving into projects, websites or policy documents, needing thorough investigation, editing or proofing, especially if there are existing problems that need review. It can also be a time when issues in the communication area will be highlighted and those annoying “attention to detail” flaws will become apparent to us and call for fixing. The best advice is to bear them calmly – be glad that they have come to your attention so that you can get them resolved before early September.

Mercury goes retrograde about three times a year and it can coincide with unusual issues such as unexplained technology failures, traffic hazards or communication breakdowns. If you anticipate an unexpected hold up, you are likely handle it more gracefully! Usually the Mercury retrograde phase is not an ideal time to sign a new contract, employ a new staff member or launch a new project unless there has been a previous interaction, however it depends on other influences in the charts. It is advisable to seek further information instead of treating this as a rule of thumb.


Cosmic Influence 6 – New and Full Moons preceding and succeeding eclipses – listen for further clues about the eclipse matter

History shows that the lunar cycle (or lunation cycle) preceding and following an eclipse can be a time for news, events or information relating to the issue of the eclipse. This was particularly likely around the Full Moon on 9th July in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, the planet of transformation and deep seated emotions. After an eclipse there are often follow-on related events at the time of the next full and new moons.

Full Moon dates around the eclipses:


  • 9 July – Full Moon in Capricorn


  • 6 September – Full Moon in Pisces
  • 6 October – Full Moon in Aries

New Moon dates around the eclipses:


  • 24 June – New Moon in Cancer
  • 23 July – New Moon in Leo


  • 20 September – New Moon in Virgo
  • 20 October – New Moon in Libra


Cosmic Influence 7 – upcoming key influences

We will end the year on a significant note, entering a transition time of purification, transmutation and releasing old habits until 2020! The next three years bear a new paradigm and we are getting ready. Jupiter is moving into intense Scorpio in mid-October 2017, Saturn will enter responsible Capricorn during the last few days of December 2017 which will leave us with what is real to us as outworn structures fall away. Uranus will move into Taurus in May 2018 allowing us the persistence and steadiness to follow our own paths in an organic way even if the world news may produce some stubborn and rigid characters.

In order to create some real change old patterns must be dismantled and destroyed. Pluto is the symbol for this process, like Phoenix rising from the ashes holding the sparks for new life. This process does not come without believing in what is true in our hearts and it requires faith even though the old routines do not make sense anymore, there is always a time where we take a step into the unknown to land on new ground. With the grand trine 2017/18 this step has become more manageable and gradual than the big leap it has taken at other times.

Redefinition in our lives is a possibility as we are still facing little endings; we receive much wisdom, and we are able to see the big picture. The air and fire element of this dynamic will enable us to observe the burning away of old ideas causing ignorance and confusion. We continue the process of discarding the old until what remains is the substance of what is real which always prevails – truth, love and awareness.


Check your sun sign (and those of your loved ones) and find out what opportunities the eclipses combined with the planet influences for July – September 2017 may represent. If you know your ascendant sign or moon sign, you may benefit from reading this sign as well!



20 March – 19 April

You are still in a phase where less is often more, dear Aries. You have been learning a lot about timing and that sitting back can sometimes be the best course of action. You have had to learn to trust, what you are sensing is correct, but there is no call for action just now. What you are seeing now is the change that you anticipated and still observing can be the best policy.

You have had to deal with challenges around your tenacity and assertiveness at work and improved your relationships. Superiors may have noticed you, most likely around the Capricorn Full Moon on 8 July in your career sector, received attention. They may be pleased with your progress which could be enduring until further opportunities arise in January 2018.  You have a chance now to add a bit more fun and creativity into your life or spend more time on your hobbies, romance or with children while Mars is in Leo from July 20 until September 5. There is an overarching healing influence in your life this year that may bring things into much more balance and into a more pleasant order with more help at hand. Of course asking for help may not be your strong point therefore, it will require some effort to be open to this, dear Aries.

Significant Days – 8 July, 23 July, 8 August, 22 August, 6 October

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Queen of Swords – wise woman, counsellor, intelligent solutions, walking the talk



20 April – 20 May

For you, Taurus, personal change is a slow process due to your cyclic nature. You have the need to make some adjustments now due to some endings or attention needed in your immediate family environment and people leaving things behind for you to deal with. Even though you may not be immediately impressed and the Full Moon on 8 July put overseas travel onto your mind, there will be some significant benefits for you if you attend to this situation. Take it step by step, as it may be a slow revelation. It may even be that you are selling family real estate or travelling for business. This ninth house activity in your chart can also relate to finishing a degree or teaching at university. Either way it will take quite a bit of your focus, negotiation and persuasion but this can be an empowering process.

Mars in your home and family sector may suggest that you either have family visitors coming and going or you may feel motivated to tackle the long-standing renovation project. Taking action in July or early August and finishing before early September would be advisable for swift progress and to lift your spirits.

Around 18 July you may receive news about money or an opportunity connected to financial gain and you may feel inclined to shop for beautiful items. Furthermore, 29-30 July could bring unexpected surprising news or meet some interesting people. August may also be the month of career news and developments at work.

Significant Days – 8 August, 22 August, be aware of Mercury retrograde dates 14 August – early September

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Five of Cups – releasing the past, genuine opportunity for improvement with a change of focus on the future



21 May – 20 June

The first half of this year may have coincided with some interesting departures and arrivals in your immediate environment. This could have been in your neighbourhood, local community, siblings or colleagues and you may be frantically busy. It is likely that you will find out some important and relevant information for yourself and about interesting opportunities to pursue. If you have not had significant conversations with your partner about some changes or adjustments that you both may want to commit to, then the eclipses could bring this opportunity to the surface.

By the end of June, you may also have finally received news about your income that provides you with more security or news that presentations or interviews you have undertaken were successful. Some of you may be working on a settlement due to separation or finalisation of an estate matter and it was vital to keep a practical and patient approach.

The 23 July will boost your communication skills even further and the end of July /early August time could be an ideal time for you to find resolution, sign a contract or seal the deal you were working on. Maybe you are concluding a writing project. This will also be aided by these planetary influences. All this could lead to much domestic travel and running around but you will enjoy it, too, and if you are looking for love and romance, the 29 July may bring some interesting chance encounters for you.

Significant Days – 23 July, 29 July, 27 August, be aware of Mercury retrograde dates 14 August – early September

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Four of Pentacles – security, material comforts, remain open to change.



21 June – 22 July

You may be entering a time now where you feel your hard work to attain security and shouldering responsibilities for those around you has finally eased off a little and you can step back a little and allow others to pick up some of their tasks.

This has given you time to think and concentrate on yourself and how you are feeling just a little more which has been refreshing, especially while Mars went through your first house from early June until mid-July. This phase helped you identify what still needs clearing out on an emotional level and you now feel stronger. With Pluto still opposing your sign there is a distinct pressure to face your innermost feelings and by express them, you can create some surprisingly positive results.

Work and close relationships have been burdensome and you have had to apply yourself vigorously to achieve results. Yet, there are bigger dynamics at play that you unfortunately cannot control. Some of these are still unannounced but you have an inkling of change that will affect your career and close personal life. Concentrate on the things that you can control and work to your best ability as you do, dear Cancerean. Meanwhile surrender the things you cannot control. The news will be sudden and it will mark a time of change for you, but it will most likely lead to a more enjoyable situation, a pay increase or an environment you can better identify with (if not all three of these).

A softer approach will work best even though you feel argumentative at times. Time is working in your favour and there is no need to resolve it all in angst. Also some lucky influences around your home should come to your help, maybe in form of a favourable refinance offer, paying off the mortgage, favourable negotiations or capable tradesmen.

The Solar eclipse New Moon on 22 August will be a powerful one and combined with Venus and Mars in Cancer and Leo in July / August your charm and magnetism should be enough to weaken the desired knees.

Significant Days – 9th July, 1 August, 8 August, 22 August

Your tarot card for the Quarter – Ten of Swords – letting go to make room for new things, significant new phase



23 July – 24 August

Following on from the strategy you have considered since earlier in 2017, the August eclipses will have the pleasant effect of enhancing the splendour of the results. We are still in the midst of the budding Leo eclipses since February 2017 which mark one of those times of your life, Leo, that you can rely on for thriving. The best part is that your confidence is raised and the focus can and needs to be on you to be happy and make people around you happy as a result, rather than sacrificing. If the eclipses fall within 3-5 days of your actual birthday then this impact is particularly supportive and strong and you will find yourself observe progress during August that will make you feel very optimistic!

The eclipses in your sign can possibly highlight a discovery of a path for you, which will emphasise a part of your identity more strongly than in the nine years before. It can lead to opportunities where you can play a different role, you can find your groove and become more impactful and fry bigger fish. In other words, it will give you the opportunity to catch up to a stage of evolution that you can now rise to and make up for the time when you were caught up with serving others and busy with the day to day. You can now adjust your vision of yourself, re-examine your dreams and goals and make them suitable to who you have become.

In short, there are elements of your role that will be changing and you are well advised to let people know what projects they can expect you to be involved in or not. The cosmic currents described above and especially the dynamics of the grand trine with Leo North Node can be all yours during the eclipse time and the lunar cycles following it.

While Mars is in Leo from 20 July until early September, it is prime time for you to be seen, heard and get your way without too much compromise. The New Moon around 23 July will assist you further with creating what is important and to make an impression.

However, 22 August the Solar Eclipse New Moon may be felt as an even stronger impetus to create the movement you want to see. Treat them as excellent opportunities that do not return often with this potency and relish this special time that can mark the turn of events you have wanted.

Significant Days – 9 July, 23 July, 8 August, 22 August, Mercury retrograde from August 13 until early September

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Judgement – harvesting what you sow, destiny, preordained situations, cycles and new phases



23 August – 22 September

You are still not feeling in as much of a control position as you would prefer which can be frustrating as you are more reactive than proactive and more responsive than you would like to be. This goes for various areas in your life: kids dealing with challenges, challenges of your parents or elderly people you are responsible for are affecting you. Many of the issues you are dealing with will be the stresses of people around you which makes it more difficult to be in control, dear Virgo.

The Full Moon on 9 July may have coincided with relationship matters needing to be discussed or looked at, maybe you were contemplating to take the relationship to the next level or deciding a change. Either way you would have felt the need to resolve it and make a decision about transformation, renewal or letting go. You are also entering an important time to look after your health, your teeth, bones; knees may just need some treatment or extra care and attention.

You have taken the challenge and stood your ground on a few issues that you needed an answer on. You have progressed well but there are a few more challenges to deal with. Your own expectations can be your hardest thorn in your side. Try and give yourself some more time to resolve things and slow down a little, especially around the Mercury retrograde phase from mid-August. It is a perfect time to go over things and review the plans. You may find some important adjustments that you will want to include, so this time is well spent.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon on 22 August should coincide with a sense of renewal and clarity for you. This may be a time worth waiting for 100% assuredness about the steps to take. After this date it may be easier to communicate your decisions with clarity.

In addition to this, the Mercury retrograde time may be just perfect for you to review a project that you had to put aside and can now be given the focus it deserves.

Significant Days – 23 July, 8 August, be aware of Mercury retrograde dates 14 August – 6 September, 20 September

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Four of Swords – time out, reflection, recovery



23 September – 22 October

Change occurs now through people around you undergoing change, which leads you to concentrate on a new assignment or a step into an unknown environment without the usual support and handholding. This is no coincidence and you are ready for it, diplomatic Libra.

You have the social skills and sensitivity to integrate into a new group, thus feeling out the situation and noticing the freedom that comes from not having the usual support structures readily available. Go with it and notice your self-reliance is working; this is where you can expand the most right now and gain confidence! This can lead to success and professional progress as well, act on it in July before Mercury goes retrograde in August and slows down the progress. A particularly creative time may be around the 5 July and any bosses should see your achievements in the most shining light in July and September. Superiors will be open to your ideas and you may be surprised to receive positive responses much more quickly than you anticipated.

Around 8 July another dynamic will be at play that is more subtle. Your focus is on your inner development now and strengthening long-standing friendships or connections with people that you have either known for a while or kindred spirit connections with refreshing free and easy rapport! It is definitely a significant time for relationship building whilst significant growth and change in your family and home environment is felt as an undercurrent. Let any potentially controversial topics at home happen without you having to take sides or comment a great deal. Take your time and consider your reactions diplomatically if you can. Being swept up in the initial emotion is not always beneficial. You make a much more authentic decision if you take a step back first and concentrate on your other projects. It will give you the objectivity you will want to have available. This ensures you  not disappoint.

17 July is another interesting day which could make you sense disagreements that may feel larger than they have to be. Again, taking a breath and let the first reaction evaporate rather than respond with haste.

The new Moons on 23 July and 22 August are certainly significant and can earmark an increased social time for you. Great opportunities for friends, fun, events and contacts, also finding new interests is possible or discovering new talents within you that you may be keen to develop further.

Significant Days – 5 July, 8 July, 23 July, 22 August, 6 October

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Six of Cups – reunions and past friends and acquaintances could re-appear



23 October – 21 November

It is likely that you have just been through a time of discerning the realistic from unattainable pursuits. Investments, creative ideas and projects that you have wanted to undertake benefit from a second opinion or another thorough look. If you have put in your time to research and gain confidence, there will be some significant projects ready to proceed with now. Great timing, dear Scorpio.

You have certainly put in the hard work to create some significant changes in your closest relationships and work environment. Things are much more likely to turn in your favour now and some unexpected changes may work to your advantage as well. The good thing is that you have a bit of choice in this and it can all happen according to the timing you set for this. Definitely watch carefully what offers are presenting around the eclipses 8 August and 22 August as it will give you some strong indications about future developments. Once Jupiter has moved into Scorpio, from mid-October onwards, the initial indicators will fall into place fully. You may receive a lot of attention for your achievements and successes.

You will find that you are now in the mood to concentrate more on your social circle again and much enjoyment can come from holding that overdue gathering that you were just too busy to organise until now. You may get some important invitations and contacts from people that may present with opportunities.

Significant Days – 23 July, 8 August, 22 August, 11 October

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Eight of Cups – leaving outlived structures behind, searching for deeper commitment, moving on to greener pastures



22 November – 21 December

Do not feel too hard done by, dear Sagittarius, even though you have had to address a couple of annoying issues that seemed like setbacks already during the cause of this year. It was important to pay special attention to lingering tasks if they have not quite been resolved yet. It is advisable to address these.

The main lesson was all about not procrastinating and hoping these petty issues will go away by focussing on bigger things. It may not have worked this way and certainly, if you have addressed them, you will start feeling the benefits now: your life/ financial /work balance will most likely start to be more positive. A career change or an opportunity at work could easily come close to being under your consideration. It seems like things are coming together a bit more.

Financial security is a big part of your focus as you have invested in a few items that weighed heavily on your budget. You have hopefully had a realistic look at your budget and weighed up your needs, which may have provided you the impetus to negotiate at work and look at your long-term options. As Mars enters Leo on 20 July, you will see a solution on the horizon that you may feel quite excited about. Even if you felt daunted with no improvement in sight even at the time of the Full Moon on 8 July. It seems like someone else is willing to back you or help you invest in your future on a more long-distance level which is a reward for the hard work you have been putting in for a while or invite you somewhere to attend an induction. This could be an arrangement with a success-oriented portion of your reward that shows the belief in your strengths and abilities. Stay humble and cool if you can and exercise your communication skills without burning bridges. You may need to travel or venture further afield with this new opportunity but as Sagittarius you can easily handle this.

By the time, August’s eclipses take place on 8 August and 22 August, you will have more direction about your career and will have seen some options present. Ideally you have made choices and decided by then, in time before Mercury goes retrograde. This will definitely leave you with a need to reorganise your daily domestic routine and may mean you have to start your day a little earlier. Monitor whether you are pursuing this with excitement, it will be a large part of your answer.

Significant Days – 20 July, 8 August, 22 August, 27 August, be aware of Mercury retrograde dates 14 August – 6 September

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Strength – confidence, strength, determination



22 December – 20 January

Time to face yourself, dear Cappy. Dig up the areas that keep you frozen in fear! Face them instead, then re-surface and back yourself up, as you may underestimate your ability to reinvent yourself.

You may find that the anxiety was a lot worse than addressing the core situation. By the way you approach it now, will have a lot to do with what you gain from it. If you have been bravely working on your insecurities and addressed your concerns, you will be feeling a lot more confident with the changes you are facing right now. If you have seen that the problem lies with your significant other and you have been discussing their need to change, you may be coming up against some roadblocks. Important to not let anything fester right now, even if you are not sure exactly what is repeatedly surfacing for you, try to share it. If you notice that the conversation with your partner repeats the same way and each party knows word for word what is said, it is a sign that the end of the relationship may be near or that some intervention is needed, if both of you are willing. One person cannot keep going if the other does not want to do so.

The good news is that life is just serving you this opportunity to show yourself what capabilities you have not been utilising and that you can do a lot yourself to improve and find your answers rather than having to wait for the other person to repair the situation.  There is a newfound sense of security to gain in your strengths, self-confidence and organisational skills that is worth exploring.

This can potentially be a time where you can undergo a transformation of how you view your potential and remove some significant limitations. If you have planets close to 1 or 17 degrees Capricorn, 1 degree Virgo, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces the transformational energy will be felt distinctly by you. Acknowledge and address what has been bubbling underneath the surface.

You may be entering a time when you are in search of something more significant in life to add purpose and this may put you on a path of study / exploration or travel. Your focus may be on financial matters, negotiations, estate planning and settlements. This could also highlight the need of review financial matters in a business partnership.

Significant Days – 9th July, 20 July, 8th August, 22nd August, 29 September, be aware of Mercury retrograde dates 14 August – 6 September

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Page of Swords – analysis, rationality, clever action, skilful subtlety



21 January – 19 February

You have had to face your situation very realistically, dear Aquarius, and if you have done so with courage and even asking for other opinions, you may feel a lot more prepared for all the emotional adjustments that you have started to undergo. You have been feeling the need for change for quite some time and have probably ignored it for longer than you needed to, but deep down you know, the more proactive you are, the more the situation will turn out for your benefit. It is just the fear of change that you had to overcome to free you up.

This is a time of significant beginnings and endings and you are undergoing transformation! This can be scary initially, but now you have started to taste that it can also be strangely liberating once the initial fear was overcome. The fear just made you experience the intensity internally instead of taking action or speaking it out. When you do, things become so much easier to handle and not as scary as they seemed. Now that you have faced this hurdle so bravely, you will feel as if you need a short break or an enjoyable outing to relax. The changes you have been concentrating on now are likely to become very relevant from late November into the first month of 2018. Therefore, secure your desired position now so you can be in the pole position at the end of the year.

Just have some faith and embrace the fact that you have an opportunity to put yourself into a much more comfortable situation, which may require you to let go of some outworn habits, but the more you drive this process, it will be in your favour. Credit to you though – this is not for the faint hearted!

Do not forget about your natural Aquarian curiosity and friendliness, show your humour and you will win over anyone who has been a little opinionated with you. This can be an expansive and creative time; you may attract interest in your story and draw attention to you even though you are undergoing some intense reworking on the inside. This can keep drawing you out in just the right way to keep a better emotional balance even though you would rather be private, you may find it is a blessing if you go with this dynamic a little and you will feel the benefit of sharing some secrets.

Significant Days – 14 July, 29 July, 8 August, 22 August

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Fool – chartering into new territory, but being ready for it, have faith in the new, learning a new skill, childlike trust and innocence



20 February – 20 March

The chart area of the eclipse will most likely coincide with activity in your intimate and one on one relationships. It is most likely that you have made some significant progress by voicing your ideas and visions earlier this year. You are now well on the way to pursue your dreams. This can potentially be a very romantic time for you, dear Piscean creature.

You have been moving forward decisively by going after what you want through exercising courage and confidence and will need to persist by believing in yourself, even when you start wavering, don’t undervalue yourself and the quality of your ideas. From 23 June, you saw opportunities open up and you may feel a little unsure at times because it requires a change in the role you play or some adjustments to the way you allow others to participate. Take it step by step but dare to venture out a little. Sometimes the unfamiliar can be confusing and we need to create a new routine first to regain our confidence. Give yourself time to do this and share with your significant others how you feel. Allow them an opportunity to assist you!

If your birthday falls around 8 March this dynamic may be most apparent to you. With 5 July highlighted exceptionally with these magical and creative hues. The Full Moon weekend on 8 July can bring you closer to your friends and acquaintances; the ones you really enjoy spending time with will most likely surround you.

From 20 July, it is likely that you find just the right focus in your daily work to move some projects forward which will satisfy and energise you.

Significant Days – 23 June, 5 July, 8 July, 8 August, 22 August, 6 September, 20 September

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Page of Wands – children, spontaneity, drive, outgoing nature


The attitude and openness with which we approach the current influences always determine outcomes for us. Hence, Astrology is a powerful road map that we can use to navigate through our lives.