Hello fellow cosmic travellers

This update on the celestial influences in the sky covers the period January until March 2018 where you can discover more about the current dynamics and influences for your sign. This information enables you to make the most of your opportunities and possibly avoid some pitfalls. We will look at the current constellations, which will take effect during the first quarter of 2018.

The first part of the article describes the current line-ups in the sky. These cosmic influences   enable us to understand the opportunities arising from the present dynamics. PLEASE NOTE – some of these influences are unique opportunities, which arose during 2017, and some will continue to take effect in the first quarter of 2018. I think of these alignments as universal gifts that we can benefit from.

The relevance is detailed in the second part of the article and describes the possible effects to your sun sign in particular.

To set the scene we will start with a short review on 2017 influences that are still relevant; they include:

  • Finding our empowerment, often as a sudden revelation by re-connecting to our source of inspiration! Experiencing love and enjoyment and aiming to express this to the world as the essence of who we are (Leo North Node / Uranus)
  • Overcoming limitations and realising what we want (this can feel like finding a long lost friend within ourselves), sometimes by experiencing what has changed for us. Identifying the need to offload and regenerate a new security level and new comfort.
  • The flash of authenticity (Uranus) is doing away with illusion and apathy coinciding with insight and revelation of the truth! A sense of deception falling away / seeing beyond the lies and pretence (Jupiter / Neptune) may be the experience, which opens our hearts and energises us in ways we have possibly forgotten to feel. This enables us to feel the change on the inner level first before we ignite and pulsate with the wave of change on the outside. As I describe this process, it becomes apparent that this was a sacred gift to us in 2017. We are likely to be more aware of how we authentically feel in our hearts and watch for opportunities that present to express this new you. It takes a little explorative spirit, and some courage to hang on for the ride.

The North Node moving through Leo is calling us to discard what holds us back and to find the area where we feel called to show true leadership and the inspiration to create a better future for others. Often this occurs by being a role model for a couple of individuals that we influence by being authentic and connected with our inspiration and love for life.

Now onto 2018:

Cosmic influence 1– Second set of Eclipses in Leo / Aquarius (August 2017 and now January / February 2018) – pursuing our passion with authenticity and focused will-power

With the bi-annual eclipses having taken place on 8 August 2017 (lunar eclipse) and 22 August 2017 (solar eclipse), most of us have been acting on long standing passions and ideas!

This Eclipse in combination with the other cosmic influences described here will contribute to the insights and validations we have long been looking for. This could coincide with insightful moments and key situations that will provide us with the direction we need to implement the change current we have been sensing, in contrast to the big surprises eclipses can ordinarily bring.

Usually eclipses come with sudden incidents that happen around the eclipse dates as a signpost for the needed adjustment in the area of your chart where the eclipse falls. The next set of eclipses on 31st January 2018 (Lunar Eclipse) and 15th February 2018 (Solar Eclipse) may be like an ‘a-ha’ moment with regard to the question, a turn of events that will reveal the possibilities you have been wishing for or contemplating.

Cosmic Influence 2 – Six Planets “Stacked” in Capricorn – an unusual conglomeration on the New Moon in Capricorn on January 17, 2018

Planet Saturn moves through Capricorn from December 2017 and will spend 2.5 years in this sign assisting us with pragmatic ways to implement substantial change. The area that Saturn will affect in your chart will undergo some necessary review and facing practical solutions. You can be organised and efficient in facing the real problems and address them in a level headed way. Don’t try any procrastination or shortcuts in this area, as Saturn is a taskmaster that will hold you responsible. In return, you can be sure that you will have the discipline and attitude to find a durable solution that represents the happiest state of affairs.

Cosmic Influence 3 – New and Full Moons preceding and succeeding eclipses – listen for further clues about the eclipse matter

History shows that the lunar cycle preceding and following an eclipse can be a time for news, events or information relating to the issue of the eclipse. This is particularly likely around the Full Moon on 2 January in Cancer and the New Moon on 17 January in Aquarius, the sign of surprises, progress and wish fulfilment. After an eclipse there are often follow-on related events at the time of the next full and new moons.

Full Moon dates around the eclipses:

Preceding             2 Jan – Full Moon in Cancer                        1 Feb – Full Moon in Leo

Following             2 March – Full Moon in Virgo                      31 March – Full Moon in Libra

New Moon dates around the eclipses:

Preceding            17 Jan – New Moon in Aquarius                 16 Feb – New Moon in Aquarius partial solar eclipse

Following             18 March – New Moon in Pisces                16 April – New Moon in Aries


Cosmic Influence 4 – upcoming key influences

With the end of 2017, we are entering a new 3-year paradigm/pattern with a transition time of purification, transmutation and releasing old habits until 2020! Jupiter is moving through intense Scorpio; Saturn has entered responsible Capricorn during the last few days of December 2017 which will leave us with what is real to us as outworn structures fall away. Uranus will move into Taurus in May 2018 allowing us the persistence and steadiness to follow our own paths in an organic way even if the world news may produce some stubborn and rigid characters.

In order to create some real change old patterns must be dismantled. Pluto is the symbol for this process, like Phoenix rising from the ashes holding the sparks for new life. Pluto is still in the sign of Capricorn. This process does not come without believing in what is true in our hearts and it requires faith to release old routines that do not make sense anymore.

Redefinition in our lives is a possibility as we are still facing little endings; we receive much wisdom, and we are able to take things pragmatically and break the change up into steps that we can handle comfortably. We continue the process of discarding the old until what remains is the substance of what is real which always prevails – truth, love and awareness.

Check your sun sign (and those of your loved ones) and find out what opportunities the eclipses combined with the planetary influences from January 2018 until March 2018 may represent. If you know your ascendant sign or moon sign, you may benefit from reading this sign as well!



20 March – 19 April

The Eclipse on 1st February will deal with a multitude of liaisons and clarifying their meaning in your life. This may involve friends and acquaintances re-emerging from the past or you may receive a romantic proposal or find out that someone wants you involved in a business project or investment venture.

Some developments are worth investigation, dear Aries, even if you deem them too good to be true at first. You have needed a lot of endurance during the last 2.5 years and sometimes you felt like you were getting nowhere but your time is finally coming. Do not dismiss what suddenly arises even though it may take a different shape to what you were hoping for. These are the opportunities long awaited and you will receive more information by 17 January 2018. This year you will have the strength and opportunities to bring things into much more balance and it will be easier to impress authorities or significant others and they will offer more help in return. Uranus is moving into steady Taurus after running havoc in your sign for 7 years which taught you to expect the unexpected. Your challenge will be to trust in what is on offer and to be open, so you can recognise the opportunities!

The six-planet alignment in Capricorn culminating on 17th January is likely to bring you career opportunities that are too good to refuse, it could elevate your status, expand your role responsibilities and changes the way people see and regard you. It may have you travelling overseas or entering a new path of learning involving study or training. Be prepared to act when you see this opportunity and developments are likely to progress quickly!

Significant Days – 17 Jan, 1 Feb, 16 Feb (wish fulfilment), 7 March, 18 Mar, 31 Mar, 16 Apr

Your oracle card for the Quarter – High priestess – mysterious, intuitive woman, counsellor, intelligent solutions, secretive



20 April – 20 May

This can easily be an intense time which will demand a juggle between home / family duties and career demands, dear Taurus. Just when you are finally kicking some goals in your career – that you have worked very hard for since mid-2017 – now finally others are prepared to listen and learn and you are receiving requests to express your wisdom and knowledge about your expertise. You are entering a phase where you can achieve a lot by sharing your honest and professional opinion with respect and sincerity. You will be relieved as you have been waiting for more ease in your professional environment and it is coming. You may even receive an unexpected promotion or the big boss will elevate your status in a way you had not anticipated. Your people skills and level headedness were the convincing factors for these decisions.

The ninth house is also affected by the current influences, which may mean you will have to travel internationally or apply some broad and strategic thinking to the situation that arises in your career. You may even contemplate further education or deal with foreign executives on a project. The focus will be on ambitious goals that require some effort and impressive gains. This could provide you with the opportunity to step into a new role. Uranus will move into your own sign for the first time after 80 years and it will redefine the pace and rhythm in your personal pursuits.

The home front is a little at odds with this, as there are demands that you will have to consider. Either changes around the home that are pressing or someone making their influence known and putting you under pressure to take action and even deciding on an actual move may be necessary. However, this manifests for you, do not procrastinate or dramatize it and make a decision.

Mars and Jupiter in your partnership sectors may suggest that you are considering further commitment or investment with a partner (business or personal). You may find your dream property or make a significant decision to offload an investment and reallocate some funds that you share with a significant other.

A busy and mentally challenging time for you, this could stress you as you are dealing with a few changes that impact on your outlook. The more proactive you are in the first quarter of 2018, the more you will gain.

Significant Days – 2 Jan, 6 Jan, 8 Jan, 17 Jan, 2 Feb, 16 Feb, 2 Mar, 31 Mar

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Seven of Swords – playing it smart, deception, discovering true motives, being subtle



21 May – 20 June

If you have not had important conversations with your partner or significant others about some changes or adjustments, then the eclipses could continue to bring this opportunity to the surface. You will feel like it is time to express your feelings about how you want to be considered or you may want to show your strong will and pride about a situation rather than swimming upstream. You may have some home truths to tell and may find yourself very assertive.

The increased courage and frank expression will boost your communication skills and the end of January time could be an ideal time for you to find resolution, sign a contract or seal the deal you were working on. Maybe you are concluding a writing project assisted by these planetary influences. All this could lead to much domestic travel and running around but you will enjoy it.

Negotiations with other parties are in focus and it is important to get legal advice and the right facts before signing documents. You may borrow money or make a large purchase. This is a favourable time for these but all the question marks need attention and you will need to be assertive. Some of your friends may undergo unexpected challenges and may therefore be less available to you at this time. If you receive the offer of an investment opportunity or entrepreneurial idea, ensure you are not too impulsive about it and take the time to consider the fine print. Back up your computer and avoid haste. Saturn in this area will teach you to take nothing at face value and look deeper. You will be pleased you applied yourself and gain confidence whilst ending up with the lucrative deals.

Significant Days – 2 Jan, 5 and 6 Jan, 8 Jan, 17 Jan, 1 Feb, 2 Mar, 31 Mar

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Three of Swords – overcoming pain, taking time of address issues and mend, truth out in the open and a brighter future



21 June – 22 July

This phase will help you identify what still needs clearing out on an emotional level and you now feel stronger than during the last few months. With Pluto and now also Saturn still opposing your sign there is a distinct pressure to face your innermost feelings and by expression of them, you can create some surprisingly positive results. Something may be coming to culmination and a decision involving true love, children and your creative / career development can no longer be put off. The accumulation of planets in Capricorn will help you to bring to light the clarity you have been looking for. Time to listen to your feelings as the schemes to make your dreams come true are within reach. By the time January is over but especially around 8 and 17 January, the opportunities are not to be missed and you will have a more realistic knowledge of the state of your relationship. For some Cancerians this will be a make or break, if it signifies an ending, you will certainly feel the falling away of long-term stress around the situation.

Work and close relationships have been burdensome and you have had to apply yourself vigorously to achieve results. Yet, there are bigger dynamics at play that you unfortunately cannot control. Some of these are still unannounced but you have an inkling of change that will affect your career and close personal life. Concentrate on the things that you can control and work to your best ability as you do, dear Cancerian. Meanwhile surrender the things you cannot control and stay put for now – by March the situation is likely to change in your favour. This first quarter of 2018 will mark a time of change for you, but it will most likely lead to a more enjoyable situation, a pay increase or an environment you can better identify with (if not all three of these). Expect to make contractual agreements and ask for what you are worth or what is rightfully yours.

The Lunar eclipse Full Moon on 1 Feb 2018 – others will impact on you very strongly as your sensitivity is heightened, significant decisions are expected, financial impact

Significant Days – 2 Jan, 8 Jan, 17Jan, 1 Feb, 16 Feb, 2 Mar, 18 Mar, 16 Apr

Your tarot card for the Quarter – Temperance – balance, harmony, alchemy, successful blending of different areas, moderation and smooth sailing.



23 July – 24 August

The eclipses in your sign can possibly highlight a discovery of a path for you, which will emphasise your identity more strongly than in the previous ten years. It can lead to opportunities where you can express more aspects of yourself, gain confidence and tap into a deeper sense of self. You can now adjust your vision of yourself, re-examine your dreams and goals and make them suitable to who you have become along with how your circumstances have changed.

The year may start off in a reflective mood that requires some quiet time to think and integrate the changes you are feeling. Take your time, dear Leo, as this expansion will enable you to flourish for many years to come. Get plenty of sleep and nourishment for your body, keep in focus what lifts you up. By the time you reach the New Moon on 17 January, you will have returned to your busy schedule. Details and smart planning will matter more than normal at work. You may be searching for helpful staff during mid-January until mid-February and could easily find someone who is practical and very organised.

It is likely that the new confidence you are expressing is very well received by significant others or some may not be able to grow in alignment with your expansion and turn away. This is most likely to become clear to you around the lunar eclipse on 1st February. The time from January 26 until April 8 is a very romantic and exciting time for you. It may feel like you are waking up from a dream and you are communicating very different ideas and thoughts than 12 months ago. It is certainly a conclusion of a situation that would have required your patience and endurance for the last 2.5 years and now you are able to experience relief.

During the Solar Eclipse New Moon on 17 February you may feel as if you suddenly emerge as a renewed person. You have the courage to create the movement you want to see. Relish this special time that can mark the turn of events you have wanted in relationships with new people and new phases in existing ones.

This sense of renewal may come hand in hand with a change in living arrangements that could mean you are seeking a new apartment with a great view and a convenient location or you are expanding your living situation. Maybe you will have extra room or funds to invest in a secondary location.

Work may still require you to sit tight, but you are driving transformation and your attitude is fresh and effective.

Significant Days – 2 Jan, 8 Jan, 17 Jan, 1 Feb, 7 Feb, 16 Feb, 18 Mar, 31 Mar, 16 Apr

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Six of swords – gradually moving through difficulties and re-establishing equilibrium, harmony and solutions are positive, moving



23 August – 22 September

The Full Moon on 2nd January may have coincided with friendship matters.  It is likely that you had to help and counsel friends in need or you were able to seek guidance from a true friend. Communication is in focus and if in doubt, you are advised to address what worries you and talk about it. You will be surprised about the care and attention that you receive and feel more resolved as a result. Other forms of communication are also highlighted, you may be busy writing a manuscript, negotiating or preparing an important lecture or talk.

You are also entering an important time to look after your health, your teeth, bones; knees may just need some treatment or extra care and attention. If you had fertility issues you may find that they resolve from early January.

The six planet Capricorn line up will bring you some incredible opportunities in the fifth house which is the area of creative projects, romance, children and fun. The alignment will be strongest around the 17th January and surprising news could come your way as well as unpredictable behaviour from significant others.

It seems to be all about work at present with you, dear Virgo and your loved ones may feel a little neglected, but you feel you have the goal in sight and are pushing along some significant projects, which look very promising. Be reminded that you will need to catch your breath occasionally otherwise; you may be exposed to sudden outbursts of people around you, if you are seen to ignore their emotional needs. Remember an encouraging and acknowledging word goes a long way.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon on 16 February should coincide with an opportunity to clear any feelings of neglect. Practice laughing about yourself and you will feel your spirits lift immediately and seek some retreat from the daily grind to ease your tendency to over worry.

Significant Days – 2 Jan, 6 Jan, 8 Jan, 17 Jan, 1 Feb, 16 Feb, 2 Mar, 5 Mar, 18 Mar, 31 Mar

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Five of Cups – introspection, dwelling on past, important to gain perspective and see the opportunity, leave past behind



23 September – 22 October

This is likely to be a very social time for you! You will want to enjoy invitations, events and gatherings, however home and work duties are a little limiting when all you want is to have fun. Your confidence is high and it is a great time to be out and be seen.

Your focus is on strengthening long-standing friendships or connections with people or kindred spirit connections with refreshing free and easy rapport! It is definitely a significant time for relationship building. You may even have friends in influential places that will recommend you to high-level people in your work sector.

Significant growth and change are in motion in your family and home environment, you may feel ready for change, this may involve looking for a new place or refinancing your home and the timing is perfect. Decisions may be in the making around the home and family life that will free up the resources to take this step or you may assist your parents in doing so. This step seems like you have considered it for a while and it can now fall into place. Do not be surprised if you find the suitable option around the new Moon on 17 January.

The new Moons on 17 January and 16 February are certainly significant and can earmark an increased focus on your mother or a close older friend and you may find yourself assisting someone finding a suitable companion or a better living situation. With Saturn in this house, it may require a sacrifice in the form of time or money for the needed adjustment to create a happier situation in the end. Agents or significant others may present some hindrances and prevent you from smoothly getting what you want or you will encounter some competition. Persistence will pay off!

The eclipse on 16 February may coincide with seeing friend’s in their true light, you may make significant new friends or an old friend will depart. There is certainly potential for a romantic partner coming into your life around this time as well.

Significant Days – 2 Jan, 5 and 6 Jan, 17 Jan, 1 Feb, 16 Feb, 2 Mar, 18 Mar, 31 Mar

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Three of Cups – joy and happiness, celebrations, sharing and choices, happy time with loved ones



23 October – 21 November

It is likely that you have just been through a time of discerning the realistic from unattainable pursuits. There has been contemplation about investments, creative ideas and projects that you have wanted to undertake. The time to sit on the fence is now over and you benefit from making firm decisions and moving in the chosen direction. If you have put in time to research and gain confidence, now you will be able to proceed with some significant projects. Great timing, dear Scorpio.

Things are now much more likely to turn in your favour and some unexpected changes may also work to your advantage. Some people around you may think that some of your choices are unusual but you have thought about this very deeply and you have your reasons. Opportunities that you first found out about between the eclipses 8 August and 22 August may now be part of the chosen future investments of time and effort. This could also affect your career in a positive way. Jupiter has moved into Scorpio, in mid-October 2017, which could speed things up for you and make projects fall into place until November 2018.

You may receive attention and praise for written proposals, speeches or other well-researched information you have delivered and you deserve it. There may be changes on the home front or family members undergo some challenges that need your attention. This may postpone or shorten your planned leisure time in February, but your loved ones will be pleased you can assist.

Significant Days – 2 Jan until 26 Jan, especially 5 and 6 Jan, 1 Feb, 16 Feb, 2 Mar, 18 Mar, 31 Mar

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Ace of Swords – clear thinking and speech, well-reasoned decisions, work towards new goals



22 November – 21 December

Expect some significant information or events to come to you during the Lunar Eclipse around 1st February. This could revolve around home life, family, significant career developments or both. In some instances, we may encounter a trigger situation that may lead to developments in these areas of your life for you, dear Sagittarius. You will start realising the potential impacts now: your life/ financial /work balance will most likely start to be more positive. A career change or an opportunity at work could easily be under consideration. It seems like things are coming together a bit more.

Financial security is a big part of your focus as you have invested in a few items that weighed heavily on your budget. You have hopefully had a realistic look at your budget and weighed up your needs, which may have provided you the impetus to look at your long-term options.

By the time, the February solar eclipse takes place on 16 February; you will possibly get information or encounter a situation that may change your career options in the next few months. Take note of anything unexpected that you find out around this date, as it will be likely to have a significant impact going forward. This could be about changes to management or any individuals involved on this level, it may be a re-structure or a project that you may hear about which could determine your direction. This may also impact your family life, for example, your work hours may change or it has an impact on where you live. Another way this could manifest is a sacrifice you may have to make in the form of time spent having fun with your kids and family for the sake of a career enhancing project that is promising more money. You will have choices about taking up these opportunities that will give you advancement, however it requires some sacrifices. A lot to weigh up for you.

Significant Days – 2 Jan, 8 Jan, 17 Jan, 26 Jan until 17 March (spotlight), 31Jan, 16 Feb, 31 Mar, 16 Apr

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Eight of Pentacles – obtaining the skills of trade, laying down foundations, high motivation, a time of intense learning



22 December – 20 January

Still a time of self-focus and facing things realistically, dear Cappy. Face your limitations, as you may underestimate your ability to reinvent yourself.

Right from the start of this year, you feel that resolution is in sight. Significant business partners or agents emerge that can provide the service you need. If you have negotiated a settlement, you will start to see significant progress during the first week of January providing you with the stability you are looking for.

The six-planet alignment in Capricorn is going to be very significant for you as it occurs in your own sign and it promises you some opportunities if you dare to embrace some feedback and suggestions for self-development. Other people may see you more clearly than you see yourself and you may be too worried or self-critical. If you get too down on yourself, you may need a makeover or some new clothes could give you a lift.

This can potentially be a time where you can undergo a transformation of how you view your abilities and remove some significant limitations. Acknowledge and address what has been bubbling underneath the surface. Significant friends will come to your aid and strengthen your position.

You may be entering a time when you are in search of something more significant in life to add purpose and this may put you on a path of study / exploration or travel. You will be surprised how this lifts your anxiety and security concerns! Your focus may be on financial matters, negotiations, estate planning and settlements. This could also highlight the need to review financial matters in a business partnership. Money may flow or financial matters will be clearer by the end of January.

Significant Days – 2 Jan, 6 Jan, 17 Jan, 1 Feb, 16 Feb, 2 Mar, 18 Mar, 31 Mar

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Eight of Cups – apathy, boredom, detachment, outgrowing situations, searching for something deeper, domestic changes



21 January – 19 February

You have had to face your situation very realistically, dear Aquarius, and if you have done so with courage and wise counsel, you may feel a lot more prepared for all the emotional adjustments that you have had to undergo. You are feeling the need for change and have probably ignored it for longer than you needed to, but deep down you know, the more proactive you are, the more the situation will turn out for your benefit. It is just the fear of change that you had to overcome. You have already come a long way during the last half of 2017.

Now that you have faced this hurdle so bravely, you will feel as if you need a short break or an enjoyable outing to relax. The changes you have been concentrating on are now are likely to create tests for you in the first three months of 2018. The It is important is to keep listening to your needs and take appropriate breaks and you will be on the home run.

You could be completing a large work assignment or conclude a project that required your focus for a few months. You are likely to receive rewards from professional sources but you will also notice an inner strength and satisfaction that you have been hoping for.

Do not forget about your natural Aquarian curiosity and friendliness, show your humour and you will win over anyone who has been a little opinionated with you. This time has been intense with people and you would rather be private and take more down time.

Right at the end of January you may quickly re-emerge and wind up in some fun social environments that will have potential for you to find a romantic partner. You may also hear about professional changes occurring in your company or work environment that will provide a fresh perspective. This could involve shifting roles and possibly even a relocation.

Significant Days – 2 Jan, 6 Jan, 17 Jan, 26 Jan until 17 March (friendships), 1 Feb, 16 Feb, 2 Mar, 18 Mar, 31 Mar

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Empress – warmth, abundance, nature, growth and fertility, a meeting of the minds and hearts, successful launch of a project



20 February – 20 March

The first three months of 2018 are likely to bear some momentous social opportunities and a fun time with friends. If single, you might meet someone significant right at the beginning of January and have plenty of inspiring conversations at parties or outings. You may also be working on a creative project and find yourself having some great ideas.

Mars and Jupiter may add impetus for a spontaneous trip or starting a new course. This also coincides with foreign destinations or foreign people that take influence in your life at this time.

The six-planet alignment in Capricorn is likely to affect your house of friendships, hopes and wishes as well as community engagement. You may find the number of friends, followers or new people increases easily around this time and these may be helpful improvements and fresh opportunities for you.

You may find out about an unexpected expense or a financial hiccup that was unplanned. Best to address it as quickly as you can, there is promise on the horizon that financially your path will be much smoother for 2-3 years after this is resolved.

From 26 January, there are opportunities to shine professionally and raise your status. The key will be to show your team and community orientation. It will draw attention! You may be surprised how much you enjoy an assigned project and find your niche.

Significant Days – 2 Jan, 9 Jan, 17 Jan, 26 Jan until 17 March (professional honour), 1 Feb, 2 Mar, 18 Mar

Your oracle card for the Quarter – Emperor – protection and authority, leadership, pragmatism, responsibility and stability


The attitude and openness with which we approach the current influences always determine outcomes for us. Hence, Astrology is a powerful roadmap that we can use to navigate through our lives.