Hello fellow cosmic travellers – I hope you enjoy your April and May forecast!

20 March – 19 April
You might have got itchy feet during February and March with Mars in Sagittarius in trine aspect to your Sun sign. Ideas to travel and spending time outdoors may have been on your mind combined with an urge to escape. Consider carefully whether these ideas hang around until after end of March and act on them if they do.
The full Moon on 31st March would have brought things to a culmination and potentially you had to deal with conflicts surrounding authority figures. Try to keep as calm as possible and bide your time. Final decisions may have already been made and the delivery is not always considerate.
Mars, your sign ruler and Saturn are playing havoc with your plans, combined with Mercury retrograde, you may need to slow down and acknowledge what is coming to the surface, make a decision and move on. This may be a frustrating time. Bear in mind that your discipline will provide the best outcomes.
Significant Days –18 March, 31 March, 16 Apr, 30 Apr, 15 May, 16 May
Your oracle card for the Quarter – Three of Cups – find joy and happiness, new birth of events, share the love with trusted friends and family

20 April – 20 May
Your planetary ruler, Venus will enter your Sun sign on 30th March, this may increase your popularity and romantic options. It could provide the financial boost that you have been working on. Watch out for excesses or spending spree impulses during this phase.
You will find yourself eager to finish projects you started and feel pressure to complete work matters. The discipline should be available to you now to put in the extra work to move things forward.
If for any health issues pop up surrounding knees, bones, teeth consider these carefully and avoid letting anything linger.
Significant Days – 31 Mar, 16 Apr, 30 Apr, 15 May,16 May, 29 May
Your oracle card for the Quarter – The Sun – upliftment, vitality, happy times ahead

21 May – 20 June
Be aware of Mercury’s retrograde motion from 22 March until 15 April – it may cause delays with expected payments or settlement of financial matters for your sign. Check that applications and lodgements went through and were correctly received by relevant parties.
Once the retrograde phase is over in late April, Saturn in Capricorn is likely to produce the long awaited results and a re-establishment of fairness and equality. Slowly, but surely.
The Full Moon on 31 March will bring relationships into focus and it may highlight a dormant issue or conflict that needs discussing. This may even have to do with a disagreement about finances.
The focus on relationships will potentially continue into April / May and it is a definite opportunity to resolve differences. Alternatively, you may find an agent, contractual partner or broker that you have been searching for.
Significant Days –31 Mar, 16 Apr, 30 Apr, 15 May, 29 May
Your oracle card for the Quarter – The Tower – foundations that collapse and need rebuilding, clearing out, revelation of the truth, freedom and breaking away

21 June – 22 July
Jupiters motion in Scorpio will provide favourable effects on projects you have started in October / November 2017 and provide further creative ideas. Don’t give up if there are more tasks to complete on the road to success.
Mercury retrograde from March 22 until April 15 may play havoc with your client relationships and decision-making. Reach out to past connections that you may have neglected and you could be surprised about the benefits to revive these. Any larger purchases for example electronic items or cars may best be postponed until the end of April or after.
The March 31 full moon may have brought a sense of concern about your loved one, it may be that they are going through a difficult time and need more attention than usual. This may affect your work and you may have to take extra time off or will have to postpone business trips and make some decisions.
Family members may also need extra assistance and you may find yourself responding a lot to other’s demands.
Significant Days –18 Mar, 16 Apr, 19 Apr, 30 Apr, 15 May, 29 May
Your tarot card for the Quarter – Five of Pentacles – look after your health and build confidence in your physical strength, financial concerns may need attention

23 July – 24 August
The Sun, your planetary ruler will conjoin with Uranus on 18th April which may provide surprising developments or sudden insights.
Mercury will retrograde in your ninth house from March 22 to April 15 which will make it advisable to book trips and purchase major items until after this time frame. You will feel more decisive and clearer which will lead to better choices if you wait.
Travel opportunities may come up suddenly and may promise to be exciting.
With Venus in Taurus from March 30 until April 24 it could be a time for you, dear Leo, to shine in professional environments and obtain propositions. Attention may be easy to be on you and your bosses’ eyes will observe your movements.
The full Moon on March 31 may bring the need to make sudden short distance trips and it is important to check whether the right details have been given to you. Mix-ups with dates and addresses are possible at this time. Any major agreements may better be signed after April 23 if you can hold off.
Significant Days – 31 Mar, 16 Apr, 30 Apr, 15 May, 29 May
Your oracle card for the Quarter – Ten of Wands– pressure to complete a promising project, responsibilities and burdens that come with success, ask for help if you are overloaded

23 August – 22 September
The planetary cluster in Capricorn may draw you towards romantic liaisons and love may be on your mind.
It may also be a time where you sign up a partnership with an agent or business partner that you have been searching for, definitely a favourable time for collaborations.
With your planetary ruler, Mercury retrograde from March 22 until April 15 this phase may see you experience delays in approval of loans or money receipts from third parties. If you are experiencing delays, it is best to actively follow up and verify whether the relevant information is with the other party as there may have been errors. Uranus’ influence can also deliver sudden news of a sum of money coming through that you have been waiting for.
Significant Days –31 Mar,19 Apr, 30 Apr, 15 May, 29 May
Your oracle card for the Quarter – Five of Cups – introspection, dwelling on past, important to gain perspective and see the opportunity, leave past behind

23 September – 22 October
After March 17 until May 15, you appear to be focused on your home and place of residence and the changes you may need to make. You may have choices and this will be a beneficial time to consider how you want to move forward and improve the property or the living situation.
Mars and Pluto will get closer to each other in late April which can show up some structures in your life (physical ones or fixed arrangements) which may need attention. At this time Mars and Saturn may feel like you are hitting brick walls. It is important to work through the details, get more than one quote and proceed with caution.
Mercury retrograde in your partnership sector may result in some extra convincing that your partner needs as they may initially disagree.
The March 31 Full Moon was a tough one during which it was likely that obstacles were raised and obligations present that need attention before doing anything else.
Significant Days –31 Mar, 19 Apr, 30 Apr, 15 May, 29 May
Your oracle card for the Quarter – Three of wands – good prospects, optimism and growth, signs of rewards are showing, but effort will need to continue

23 October – 21 November
Jupiter is retrograde in your sign which may provide an extra boost of luck and fortune, bringing new influences and opportunities. These opportunities are definitely promising even though the retrograde phase will slow things down and ensures that you review all circumstances properly, dear Scorpio.
The Full Moon on March 31 provides a challenging environment and you may find clients or other parties digging their heels in on agreements that you thought had been closed. Try to be patient and continue to talk until you have consensus. Delaying signing important contracts until after April 23 can be favourable, if you can wait.
Significant Days –18 Mar, 31 Mar, 19 Apr, 30 Apr, 15 May, 29 May
Your oracle card for the Quarter – Two of Cups – having a heart-felt conversation, harmony in relationships, commitment, reconciliation

22 November – 21 December
Your planetary ruler Jupiter has started its retrograde journey from March 11 until early July. Time to question your underlying motives and drives. Be willing to delve deeply.
From March 22 until April 15, Mercury will be retrograde in a favourable sign, therefore apart from the usual havoc with delays and errors, you may experience some responses coming through on past bids, applications or other opportunities that you put in for a while ago. If you have anything you put aside as you were too busy, this is a great time to get the lingering matters completed.
Contracts with tradesmen and purchases of electronic items are best postponed until after April 22, if you can wait.
March 31 bears a Full Moon that comes with some difficulties. You may encounter problems with long distance travel or foreign companies or overseas contacts. The pressure will be on resolving these matters and it is advisable to keep as calm as possible without casting anything aside. This Full Moon phase is likely to bring closure
With Mars in Capricorn from March 17 until May 15, you may find that your spending increases and there are big purchases that you intend to make. Be conservative!
Significant Days –31 Mar, 16 Apr, 19 Apr, 23 Apr, 30 Apr, 15 May, 29 May
Your oracle card for the Quarter – Nine of Pentacles – wealth and good fortune, monetary gain, contentment about a successful result

22 December – 20 January
Your planetary ruler Saturn moved into Capricorn in December 2017 brought a shift to a new focus but also the need to build structures on true and solid foundations and putting some work in.
With Mars moving into your sign to join the planet pile up in Capricorn, you will have plenty of challenges and it is a great time to review your direction and goals. It is likely that Mars in Capricorn from March 17 until May 15 will lend you extra energy and courage to take a good look at areas that you have let slide and gain control back. You will be able to attract support for your ideas and new people or relationships could arise as well.
Mercury retrograde from March 22 until April 15 will require patience and planning carefully albeit frustrations. The Full Moon in Libra on March 31 could coincide with a career matter that will see you acclaim success in professional matters, It may be a promotion, new job, new relationship and it may come with a condition that you will need to adjust to.
Family members may also become more dependent on you and a relocation could be the option you take to do this situation justice.
There is a volatility in your life right now that bears progress and may put you into circumstances that are more beneficial for you. If you are considering to sign contracts and can hold off until April 23, it may be advisable to do so as you may need to change some conditions with the information and mindset you will have until then.
Significant Days –18 Mar, 31 Mar, 19 Apr, 30 Apr, 15 May, 29 May
Your oracle card for the Quarter – Ten of Pentacles – completion of a financial matter, material success and security

21 January – 19 February
Uranus, your planetary ruler has been travelling with sociable Venus which may have brought new groups and people into your life. It could be worth exploring the new ideas that were discussed.
Mercury retrograde from March 22 until April 15 could require you to seal agreements, it may be advisable to give your verbal yes but have a lawyer look over the details before you sign.
With Mars moving into Capricorn from March 17 until May 15 you may slow down socializing a little and feel the need to rest and reflect.
The March 31 Full Moon combines with Saturn and Mars, giving it a forceful and confrontational force. It may be that matters come to light that have been discussed behind closed doors and come somewhat as a shock. It may be a ready-made decision that you are presented with, no room for feedback or choice. This may be a total surprise and may have an impact on plans that you had. Review, think about it and accept the new direction arising out of this, dear Aquarius.
Significant Days –18 Mar, 31 Mar, 19 Apr, 30 Apr, 15 May, 16 May, 29 May
Your oracle card for the Quarter – Two of Wands– decisions and choices, new projects and weighing up of options, use your intuition and inner wisdom

20 February – 20 March
Neptune, your planetary ruler will form a trine with lucky Jupiter which may supply you with inspiration and lucrative ideas.
Mercury will retrograde from March 22 until April 15 which affects your financial sector. It is of advantage to hold off buying household items, computers and any other personal equipment until the end of April for sound decision-making and avoid returning goods due to quality issues.
March 31 Full Moon in Libra will also shine a light onto your financial situation and bring focus to contractual agreements, third party matters that need addressing and negotiation. There may be sudden changes from other parties that you find yourself dealing with and circumstances need revision for things to come to fruition.
Saturn and Mars in Capricorn may feel like a wet blanket and expert advice may be required to move forward.
Significant Days –18 Mar, 19 Apr, 30 Apr, 15 May, 29 May
Your oracle card for the Quarter – Queen of Swords – your inner wisdom and counsel is paramount in this phase, walk the talk and stay true to your values, steadfastness

The attitude and openness with which we approach the current influences always determine outcomes for us. Hence, Astrology is a powerful roadmap that we can use to navigate through our lives.