business profiling

company owners or leaders

Change Management & System Implementation / Business process improvement

This is an interactive session with the opportunity to ask questions (recording is recommended). You will also receive a written report.

This session assists with identifying the unique business strengths and opportunities, as well as the best approach for the business leaders to achieve and leverage optimal synergy in their business.

Some areas we can cover:

  • Reviewing business workflows and creating efficiencies
  • Upcoming influences and how to best integrate them in the business strategy
  • 3 charts or more (example one business chart, two directors)

Session time ~ 1 hour session time for each chart (Example 3 charts x 1h = 3 hours) $345 (cost includes chart preparation time)

Further optional focus sessions :

  • Change Management strategy session for focus on business improvement
  • Recruitment / HR strategy for cultural enhancement
  • Individual staff chart consultations for distinctive employee growth
  • Elective tools – selection of the best dates for re-incorporation, major campaigns or product launches
  • Focused sessions for strategy implementation and business opportunity reviews 

On request, please email Sylvia.

A consultation is either face to face or via Skype / telephone. Please contact Sylvia to arrange  a suitable time.

business & talent management / recruitment with personal profiling

Personal Profiling for management, assisting HR professionals to recruit the right person for the right roles in any company.
Helping management maintain a happy business environment and an efficient and genuine work culture.

The tools I use here are the Business tools, qualifications, and experiences that I have gained during over 15 years of corporate experience (Finance / Operations / HR).

Combined with the unique blend of transparency and foresight I gain using the astrological model especially for interpretation and forecasting as well as other profiling models that I have integrated in my work over the years, it supplies an edge of insight which enables informed action and placing the right people into the right roles.