astrological consultation

individual profiling session

Connect more deeply with what makes you unique.

This is an interactive session with the opportunity to ask questions (recording is recommended). You will also receive a written report.

Some areas we can cover:

  • Discuss your unique challenges and talents in all areas of your life
  • Receive your Mayan name through the ancient art of Mayan astrology
  • Assist in your own healing journey and optimize utilizing your true potential
  • Preview of upcoming and current transit influences

Session time ~ 1.5 hour – $195 (cost includes chart preparation time)

The focus in these sessions is with your current questions and identifying what makes you unique, through understanding your soul purpose and the gifts with which you can empower yourself and others. Receiving your Mayan name further deepens the understanding of your calling.

By understanding how to utilize your special talents, you will be able to identify opportunities for growth and the most optimal time to put your envisaged activities in place as part of your life’s path.

A consultation is either face to face or via Skype / telephone. Please contact Sylvia to arrange  a suitable time.

update session

An update session is also available, where we focus on the next 15 months. 

The main focus in these sessions is a preview of upcoming and current transit influences.

Session time ~ 1 hour – $105 (cost includes chart preparation time)