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Whether it is your personal life, your relationships or your business, Sylvia Flimm can help you navigate the uncertainty of life’s choices.

Perhaps you are looking for additional support because you know that your business has under-utilised potential. Or maybe you want to be more prepared to face the challenges in your daily life or want to understand about current energetic influences and how to make use of them.

From a session with Sylvia, you can obtain extra information, that will enable you to be optimally prepared, so you can use careful deliberation, astute planning and correct timing in your life’s endeavours.

An introductory session with Sylvia takes about 1.5 hours and is customised to assist with the above sentiments. The overall intention is to enable you to further explore exciting opportunities in your life that may otherwise be overlooked, or overcome barriers preventing you from exploring. These sessions are held via Skype or face to face.

I first heard of Sylvia’s outstanding abilities through colleagues who not only worked with me but also worked with her in a different environment. Working with Sylvia gave them the opportunity to hear direct feedback on the excellence of her work. Both colleagues were so impressed by what they heard they consulted with her in her professional capacity.

I later met Sylvia when we were both involved in an area of study. At the time I spoke with her, expressing a level of sadness at not being able to access her professionally. I had believed it was essential to know the exact time of my birth to have a chart read. Sylvia said this was not the case.

Sylvia immediately offered her time and service to me. She suggested on the drive home I reflect on eight different dates in my life that were outstanding for me and to e-mail these to her. When I did this, Sylvia responded with the exact time of my birth. The time Sylvia gave me was congruent with the time span given to me by relatives present at the hospital that day.

The next day Sylvia read my chart. When she shared that reading with me it was as though the book of my life had been opened for the first time. Sylvia told me of events in my life that were totally unknown to others. She spoke of my strengths and the areas I needed to work on, some of which were also only known to me. She highlighted my gifts, encouraging me to access them, predicating further times and opportunities that would enable me to do so.

Sylvia was at all times gentle, encouraging and respectful. In the months that have past since I consulted with her, many of the opportunities and events she spoke of at that time have taken place. I have also begun to work with the suggestions and possibilities she outlined for me. This has both enriched and enhanced my life.

Consulting with Sylvia would have to be one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself.


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